Ein Abend mit „ART & PIZZA“

Es ist Donnerstagabend, 19 Uhr. Noch schnell beim Supermarkt einkaufen. In diesem Fall beim Netto um die Ecke, in der Gerichtstraße. Aber anstatt mich in die Kassenschlange einzureihen, sehe ich eine Menschentraube vor der Druckbar Wedding. Leute sitzen auf der Straße. Ein Hund rennt hinter einem Stöckchen her. Ein Kind krabbelt munter auf dem Asphalt. Auf den Tischen liegen Holzbretter mit einer zungenförmigen Pizza. Unter den Holzbrettern ist jeweils ein Klarsichtfolie mit einem Siebdruck zu sehen. Auf einer Tafel steht: Ab 19 Uhr Art und Pizza.

„Weddinger Wundertüte“- Wedding’s lucky bag

Expect the Unexpected!

In Wedding, you never know what’ll be up next. One thing is for sure, though: On Saturday, 26th of October, intrigued ‚Weddingers‘ can expect a very varied programme. Hidden and unknown ideas will be brought to the light during this day by the ‚Kreativnetzwerk‘ , or creative network, a network of 23 innovative entrepreneurs.

“Here in Wedding you can discover great things everywhere”, says Annette Haußknecht from montagehalle-berlin. „We want to show the hidden businesses to people who don’t know about them yet“. Similar to Weddingweiser, the Wundertüte tries to find special thing in the seemingly normal, and is a great opportunity to meet new ideas – so Weddingweiser will be supporting the Wundertüte as a media partner.

A Saturday full of surprises

From 10:00 a.m. to midnight, one will find hand made products made by the different participants as well as numerous surprises in cafés, bars and shops. The 26th of October is also a great opportunity to meet all the manufacturing, gastronomic and cultural businesses in Wedding, a lot of which you might already know from Weddingweiser. The day of the Wundertüte will be focusing on Togostraße, Tegeler Straße, around Reinickendorfer Straße and Osloer Straße. There will be such different offers as live music, art exhibitions, workshops and lectures as well as a display window performance. At 2 p.m., a guided bike tour to some of the venues starts from Stattbad (Gerichtstr. 65, bring your own bike). More information can be obtained from the flyers which can be found all throughout Wedding.

Participating businesses are, for example, “Frack du lac”, “Oh! Calcutta”, “Eiscafé KIBO”, “Mabellevie” and “Colorblind patterns”.

Of course you’ll be able to get your own “Wundertüte” – a colourful bag full of information about the participating entrepreneurs – at the venues.

So: Get surprised on the 26th of October…

(Link to the Wundertüte website with a detailed programme, German)

Translation: Daniela Hombach

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Art Residency @ Wedding

Dr. Christina Thesing /Maurin Dietrich

Wedding’s cultural scene is divers and very dynamic – just think of Uferhallen, ExRotaprint or Stattbad. Now, schir enables artists and curators from Israel to live in Wedding at Osloer Strasse for up to three months, to work there and to discover Berlin’s art scene. So far, all of the guests from Israel found one thing: That Wedding’s alternative art scene is particularly exciting. In Israel, even small galleries are often very commercial and not keen on trying something new – that is completely different here. For schir it is important to move the main topics of conversations about and with Israel away from the ever-dominating subjects Holocaust and conflict in the Middle East. The German perspective of Israel is as one-sided as Israel’s view of Germany – but art can create bridges.

Friederike and Gali Schir created their project schir in 2009 with branches in Berlin, Hannover and Tel Aviv. It is their goal to enable exchange and networking between artists, curators, art critics and lovers from Germany and Israel. To do this, they are tightly connected with cultural centres, cultural projects and universities. From July, one of the most famous contemporary artists from Israel is living in Wedding: Erez Israeli. His exhibitions in Moscow, Rome, Amsterdam and Munich made him famous and gave him a number of awards and scholarships.

Apart from the flat at Osloer Strasse, there are further schir residencies in Jerusalem and Herzliya. Artists who have a great interest in the respective country and aim at doing a project linked with this interest have good chances for a residency with schir. After their stay, the artists bring their impressions back to their home countries and help to fix the skewed perception. Another focus of schir is organizing exciting exhibitions. During the 2012 I am a Berliner exhibition, pieces of international artists living in Berlin were shown in Tel Aviv. As Kennedy’s famous sentence intended, the exhibition made clear that anyone living in Berlin is a Berliner in his or her very own way, independent from the passport.


Author: Juliane Orsenne

Translation: Daniela Hombach

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