Nussbreite – the new ‘living room bar’ in Wedding

DSC_0714In the last months, several new bars such as FLOP or Fredericks have contributed to the cultural programme in the African quarter. In October, a new bar, ‘Nussbreite’ has opened its doors at Seestraße 106. The former Korean restaurant ARIRANG has been turned into a cosy ‘living room’ bar.

DSC_0839„We’re a mix of artists, students and musicians who like to share their living room with others. We run this place cause we feel like it”, the owners say on their homepage. ‘Nussbreite’ is run by 8 people around 30 who are almost exclusively Weddingers. They don’t try to make big money with their bar, everyone has another job or studies on the side.

From Thursday 5pm through to Sunday, you can get cosy on the beautiful old couches. The beer prices are fair (Staropramen 2.50 €) and the cultural programme is exciting: OpenMic, concerts, cinema – something for every flavour. Or maybe you want to show up for the ‘Anything can happen’ night and perform your own little something?


The programme is available online ( or on Facebook.

Seestraße 106 close to Togostr.
13351 Berlin
Thu – Sun from 5 PM
Text: Daniel Gollasch
Translation: Daniela Hombach

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