Nussbreite – the new ‘living room bar’ in Wedding

DSC_0714In the last mon­ths, several new bars such as FLOP or Fre­de­ricks have con­tri­bu­t­ed to the cul­tu­ral pro­gram­me in the Afri­can quar­ter. In Octo­ber, a new bar, ‘Nuss­brei­te’ has ope­ned its doors at See­stra­ße 106. The for­mer Kore­an restau­rant ARIRANG has been tur­ned into a cosy ‘living room’ bar.

DSC_0839“We’re a mix of artists, stu­dents and musi­ci­ans who like to share their living room with others. We run this place cau­se we feel like it”, the owners say on their home­page. ‘Nuss­brei­te’ is run by 8 peop­le around 30 who are almost exclu­si­ve­ly Wed­din­gers. They don’t try to make big money with their bar, ever­yo­ne has ano­t­her job or stu­dies on the side.

From Thurs­day 5pm through to Sunday, you can get cosy on the beau­ti­ful old cou­ches. The beer pri­ces are fair (Staro­pra­men 2.50 €) and the cul­tu­ral pro­gram­me is exci­ting: Open­Mic, con­certs, cine­ma – some­thing for every fla­vour. Or may­be you want to show up for the ‘Anything can hap­pen’ night and per­form your own litt­le something?


The pro­gram­me is avail­ab­le online ( or on Facebook.

See­stra­ße 106 clo­se to Togostr.
13351 Berlin
Thu – Sun from 5 PM
Text: Dani­el Gollasch
Trans­la­ti­on: Danie­la Hombach

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