„Little Kitchen”: In a cozy kitchen

Little Kitchen Blumenvase.jpgWhat type of gastronomy works with Wedding and its inhabitants from all over the world? Maybe it has to be a mix like in “Little Kitchen”…

We discover the small café on a grey morning. As soon as you close its door to Torfstr, the metropolitan noise disappears and the room is filled with jazz music and kitchen sounds. The walls are painted in a friendly yellow, you can see the courtyard behind the glass bar and the kitchen. Kids‘ photos are arranged on the walls – everything looks like a family home.

Deno Alice Little Kitchen.jpg “In Wedding, many people from all over the world meet”, Deno says. “Why shouldn’t there be a place where you can find something for literally any taste?” The Jamaican has been working in medical business for years. Together with his wife Alice, who is from Italy, and his business partner Mike Eloneid, in October 2014, he fulfilled his dream of his own Café where many influences mix.

Fresh food at all times

Theke Little Kitchen.jpg German Eintopf mixes with exotic soups, sometimes there are frittatas, or salads, as well as baked goods from all over the place. The cream cheese for the bagels is mixed in the kitchen. “Our sandwiches are prepared completely fresh at all times, too”, Deno explains. It is important for the owners of ‚little kitchen‘ to only use ingredients without additives.


If all this doesn’t float your boat, you’ll get excited about the excellent coffee. “We only use our own mixes”, Deno says. They use coffee from the Bonanza roaster, but also from a coffee vendor from Portugal.


Amongst friends

Little Kitchen Torfstr.jpg“We want you to feel as if you were visiting friends and ended up in the kitchen, because it is the coziest place”, Alice and Deno describe their concept. The tiny café is easily overlooked – but it brings a lot of atmosphere into noisy Torfstraße.


Little Kitchen

Torfstr. 23

Mon-Sat 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

Translation: Daniela Hombach





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