„El Pepe“ – Short holiday at Prinzenallee

El Pepe TischeBerlin is wonderful, we all agree on that. But sometimes even here you need a change of scenery: New scents, new sounds, new tastes. Luckily, Weddingers don’t have to go far for that. Thanks to ‘El Pepe’, Spain starts behind a velvet curtain at Prinzenallee.

El Pepe TapasFor all of us who don’t have time or money to board the next cheap flight to Barcelona, El Pepe gives you an option to escape Berlin for a night. In front of the restaurant, illuminated bz next door’s Döner stall, a proud Spanish slag greets the guests. Upon entering the premises, you know immediately that you won’t have to deal with Sangria and Paella. Instead, it says “Tapas y Vinos” on the window, and that’s all you need here.
Pimientos de Padron, Tortilla and Chorizo … about a dozen different types of tapas can be chosen from the menu. The best deal is to order two or three per person and then just try and share. Tapas are perfect for friends who don’t get much time for eating between all the talking, or as a snack while playing Backgammon. On top of that, you can get good Spanish wine for one euro per glass.
El Pepe DeckenbeleuchtungHalf of the people dining at El Pepe is Spanish, which contributes to the feeling of being far away and underlines the food’s great quality. Quiet guitar music and the extra serve of patience needed when waiting for the order complete the holiday-feeling.

The friendly waiter from Granada explains us that ‘El Pepe’ is a nickname for José, Josef from the bible who, without hesitation, accepted the challenging task set aside for him. El Pepe’s German-Spanish team has the task to bring some Spain to Wedding. We say: “¡Muchas gracias!”


El pepe FlaggeEl Pepe
Prinzenallee 25
13359 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
Daily 6-30 pm until midnight


translation: Daniela Hombach

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