Celebrate with your neighbours

At Kongostraße, they’re doing it. At Ottopark, they’re going on the streets as well. Sprengel- and Sparrstraße are out there, too. What is happening in this area, in this city? Strangers meet to have a barbecue together, or to paint, play music and celebrate – and to talk with each other. The explanation is simple: on the 31st of May Berliners in Wedding and other parts of the city celebrate the “Fest der Nachbarn”, a day to celebrate with your neighbours. They celebrate together with over 12 million people in Europe, who use the European Neighbours Day to city life more friendly and supportive.

Only one wish remains: let every day be a Neighbour Day – that would be desirable for our everyday lives…

Das Fest

Translation: Daniela Hombach

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