Vegan brunch buffet at Naveena Path: A must, not only for vegans!

Of cour­se the­re are alrea­dy arti­cles about Navee­na Path on Wed­ding­wei­ser. One inno­va­ti­on hadn’t made it yet, though: the vegan brunch buf­fet, Sundays from 11 a.m. 

Foto: L.Tilly
Foto: L.Tilly

Wed­din­gers alrea­dy know and love Navee­na Path, and not only for its excel­lent food. Now, their new brunch buf­fet makes vegans and vege­ta­ri­ans cheer – ande­ver­yo­ne else too! For 8€, you can spoil yourself with deli­cious vegan Indian and Tamil food each Sunday from 11 am. Ten dif­fe­rent cur­ries, various salads, dips and breads line the table to fill sto­machs and desi­res; even if you’re not vegan. Who wants to have plain chi­cken kor­ma any­way if there’s a deli­cious crea­my bana­na creation?
One thing is obvious: The chefs enjoy crea­ting a ran­ge of inte­res­ting dis­hes that aren’t fre­quent­ly orde­red, or that often can’t be found on the menu at all. Bright green pump­kin cur­ry? Loo­ks inte­res­ting, tas­tes yum­my! Spi­cy egg­plant? Deli­cious! Have a chai tea (vegan, if you want) with it and end up in heaven…
By the way: Navee­na Path is by no means a Wed­ding secret any­mo­re, so it is no sur­pri­se that the brunch attracts a lot of non-Wed­din­gers, too. On Sundays, it can end up being qui­te packed – you might want to book a table in advan­ce. Luck­i­ly, spring is com­ing soon and with it addi­tio­nal seats outside.
Vegan brunch buffet
Navee­na Path
Tege­ler Str. 22
sundays, 11:00 am until at least 2 pm, 8€

Author/translation: Danie­la Hombach

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