These are among the best in the neighborhood:
Three places for falafel in Wedding!

Between Reinickendorfer and Badstraße there are some pretty noteworthy falafel restaurants.

(Photo: Two white plates, each with falafel, halloumi and salad. In the background, round
Arabic bread and a bottle of Fritz-Kola.)

Admit­ted­ly, a homage to the round chick­pea balls is not­hing new. The fala­fel has beco­me as much a part of Berlin’s food cul­tu­re as the kebab sin­ce the 1970s and the cur­ry­wurst ever sin­ce 1949. Eat it as a sand­wich at luncht­i­me, an indul­gent sup­per, a mid­ni­ght snack or a late han­go­ver bre­ak­fast. In all its varia­ti­ons, it tan­ta­li­zes Wed­din­gers big and small on almost every street cor­ner. But whe­re can you find the tas­tiest? In your own neigh­bor­hood, of cour­se! Don’t miss on a deli­cious selec­tion of pos­si­b­ly the best fala­fel spots around Bad­stra­ßen­kiez, Net­tel­beck­platz and U‑Bahnhof Wedding.

Butter soft Falafel al Amin

At Trift­stra­ße 6, a decep­tively unex­ci­ting ran­ge of sand­wi­ches and pla­tes is hid­den behind neon oran­ge signs. At Fala­fel al Amin, you can expect a mix of maka­li, hallo­u­mi, fala­fel and shawar­ma – but not­hing here is qui­te what it seems. Ins­tead of the typi­cal cris­py deep-fried fala­fel, you’ll find fresh­ly pre­pa­red chick­pea balls every day, which, slight­ly cris­py on the out­side and ten­der on the insi­de, make for a tru­ly sur­pri­sing culi­na­ry tre­at. Be war­ned: the reci­pe does not skimp on the gar­lic! Depen­ding on your appe­ti­te, you can choo­se bet­ween a small or lar­ge sand­wich. The home­ma­de man­go sau­ce is also a wel­co­me addi­ti­on to the con­ven­tio­nal choices of sesa­me, gar­lic and spi­cy. You can get alot here for just €2.50.

Sudanese at Dar4

Simi­lar offer, same ball­ga­me? Not exact­ly, becau­se at Dar4 it’s the pea­nut sau­ce that makes the dif­fe­rence. If you like it hear­ty and nut­ty, you’ll love the Suda­ne­se take on the clas­sic fala­fel offer. The pea­nut sau­ce refi­nes, and depen­ding on who’s working often domi­na­tes, both the fil­led bread pockets and the pla­tes. Our mem­bers of the Wed­ding­wei­ser pin­board also agree and rate the qua­li­ty of the food at the “upper end of Berlin’s fala­fel land­s­cape”. Riding all over town to eat fala­fel with pea­nut sau­ce is a thing of the past! It’s now just a short walk to Rei­ni­cken­dor­fer­stras­se 95, and the pri­ce is a real con­t­en­der for its Kreuz­berg rivals. For €2.50 euros you can get a sand­wich to go! Vegan and vege­ta­ri­an diners will feel par­ti­cu­lar­ly at home here, as the menu does not over­look their needs. They can choo­se fro­ma varie­ty of com­bi­na­ti­ons. And yes, even the pea­nut sau­ce is com­ple­te­ly plant-based. Plus: there’s a ramp here that makes the litt­le shop acces­si­ble to wheel­chair users.

Das Logo vom Nezha Bistro zeigt Grillgabel, Schawarmaspieß und Pfannenwender sowie den arabischen Schriftzug des Namens

The classic at Nezha Bistro

Not­hing beats your mother’s coo­king! But a visit to Nezha at Bad­stra­ße 57 also feels pret­ty homey. This is whe­re I ate my first Leba­ne­se fala­fel sand­wich – and with good rea­son! Often, the wai­t­ing cli­en­te­le gets a tas­te befo­re­hand: a huge cris­py brown fala­fel pre­pa­red with lots of pars­ley, cumin, and gar­lic, embo­dy­ing the clas­sic Leba­ne­se ver­si­on. High­lights here: boi­led-down, savou­ry spi­n­ach and a choice of sau­ces that inclu­des avo­ca­do as well as a sweet and frui­ty man­go sauce.

The­re are also no limits to the wild com­bi­na­ti­ons in this bis­tro. A friend of mine who was unab­le to deci­de sim­ply orde­red a “fala­fel hallo­u­mi maka­li spi­n­ach sand­wich”. In the end, thanks to Mo behind the coun­ter, four pie­ces of the Ara­bic flat­bread chubz wrap­ped them­sel­ves around the fil­ling befo­re it went into the con­ta­ct grill for the finis­hing touch. The result was enor­mous – in both size and taste.

Fala­fel al Amin, Trift­stra­ße 6, 13353 Ber­lin
Dar4, Rei­ni­cken­dor­fer Str 95, 13357 Ber­lin
Nezha Bis­tro, Badstr.57, 13357 Berlin

Whe­re is the best place for fala­fel in Wed­ding? And what makes it spe­cial?
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Mag den Wedding und das Schreiben - und die Kombination aus Beidem. Seit 2017 hier vor Ort möchte sie bleiben; nicht zuletzt um dabei sein zu können, wenn der Wedding endlich kommt.

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