“Repair-Café”: Don’t just throw old stuff out

Repair-Cafés are in. Wed­ding, too, wants to be a place whe­re tin­ke­rers help others to revi­ve bro­ken things. Ever­yo­ne knows the pro­blem: You don’t need it any­mo­re, but it is still too good for the was­te bin. Whe­re should it go now?

This and other ques­ti­ons will be ans­we­red next Sunday, 26th of Janu­a­ry, from 7 pm. Wit­hin the frame­work of Zukunfts­Werk­Stadt Wed­ding, upcy­cling ide­as and pos­si­bi­li­ties for raw mate­ri­al re-usa­ge will be presented.
Jen­ny Weber, pro­ject lea­der at youn­ca­ri­tas, pres­ents the sowing work­shop “ver­giss­mein­n­nicht”, or “for­get­me­not”. Kris­ti­na Kuličo­vá pres­ents Kunst­stof­fe e.V. – an initia­ti­ve for re-usable resour­ces, and Thors­ten Haas from panke.info ans­wers all your ques­ti­ons around the “Müll­kam­pa­gne Pankstra­ße”, an initia­ti­ve against lit­ter pollution.
The work­shops will be fol­lo­wed by dis­cus­sions around the crea­ti­on of a “Repair-Café” in Wed­ding – a place for exchan­ge and sup­port, try­ing to fix bro­ken things.
The event is part of this year’s Trans­me­dia­le pre­lude, is orga­ni­zed by “Wed­ding­wand­ler”, Wedding’s Tran­si­ti­on Town Group, and sup­por­ted by “Gar­ba­ge Cam­pai­gn Pankstra­ße”. It takes place at Pan­ke Café, Gericht­str. 23 and is free of charge.

Source: press release

26th of January
7 pm
4th courty­ard
Gericht­stra­ße 23 
13347 Berlin-Wedding


Trans­la­ti­on: Danie­la Hombach

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