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Tolga Büyükuzun und Jarmila ArnoldAfter a nine-year long vacan­cy, the 1955 heri­ta­ge-lis­ted kiosk at See­stra­ße ceme­tery has beco­me a Wed­ding attrac­tion again – Not only becau­se of the archi­tec­tu­re from the 50ies, but now also becau­se of the food.
Burger im Rebel Room“When it comes to food, Wed­ding is usual­ly neglec­ted, and we want to chan­ge that”, says Tol­ga Büyü­ku­zun. The 37-year old and his part­ner Jar­mi­la Arnold are regu­lars in Ber­lin night life and noti­ced that a lot of stu­dents and peop­le who are new to Ber­lin live in Wed­ding now. “But they usual­ly only find Döner to eat”, reck­ons Tol­ga. The two gas­tro­no­mes still live Prenz­lau­er Berg, but who knows for how long that will still be the case… “Slow­ly you hear all over Ber­lin that Wed­ding is unde­re­sti­ma­ted”, says Jarmila.
The figu­rehead of their kiosk is the ‘Rebel Bur­ger’, made with fresh beef, the secret ‘Rebel’ sau­ce, roas­ted oni­ons, cap­si­cum and ched­dar cheese. “We pre­pa­re the meat pat­ties every morning with fresh meat from the cen­tral mar­ket”, exp­lains Tol­ga. The most important rule is that ever­ything needs to be fresh – not­hing is fro­zen. That exp­lains why you have to wait ten to twel­ve minu­tes for your bur­ger to be rea­dy. For non-meat-lovers, they also offer a vege­ta­ri­an alternative.
The name ‘Rebel Room’ comes from the time of racial sepa­ra­ti­on in the US, when black peop­le gathe­red in their own pubs to make music. “Actual­ly, we plan­ned to only play Rock’n’Roll”, says Tol­ga. But the kiosk has so much of a Ber­lin flair that they did not want to make it too ‘ame­ri­can’.

This is what our rea­der Cle­mens thinks about ‘Rebel Room Burger’:

Rebel-Room-Burger“We were wan­de­ring along See­stra­ße on a summer’s night when we dis­co­ve­r­ed a new­ly ope­ned bur­ger restau­rant. Curious and hungry, we deci­ded to test it strai­ght away. From the out­side, ‘Rebel Room Bur­ger’ makes a good opti­cal impact. In front of the restau­rant, the­re are tables with sunsha­des. To the left, you can find a litt­le plat­form with a beer gar­den, equip­ped with green beer gar­den ben­ches and invi­t­ing you to stay.
The two of us orde­red a menu each – Cheese­bur­ger and BBQ-Bur­ger. The menu con­sists of the bur­ger, a soft drink and a ser­ve of fries with ketch­up or mayon­nai­se. The pri­ces – around 6 € for a menu – are mode­ra­te. After having paid, we recei­ved the rece­i­pt with our orde­ring num­ber and wai­ted in the litt­le beer gar­den. When your meal is rea­dy, they call out your num­ber and you can pick up your food – which we did­n’t even have to do as a nice young employee brought us our burgers.
The menu was defi­ni­te­ly fil­ling: The fries were hot and crun­chy, but the best was – the bur­ger. Important to say that ever­ything on it is fresh. The pat­ty is made from fresh min­ced beef, and the let­tuce was fresh, too. The deli­cious tas­te of the bur­ger is just con­vin­cing – 9/10 points!! After having enjoy­ed our meal, we deci­ded to stay for a beer.

To wrap it up, the atmo­s­phe­re, the friend­ly employees, and main­ly the awe­so­me food con­vin­ced us. We can defi­ni­te­ly recom­mend a visit to ‘Rebel Room Bur­ger’ to any Wed­din­ger who is a fan of good burgers.

Aut­hor: Cle­mens Hering

Trans­la­ti­on: Danie­la Hombach

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Rebel Room Burger
See­str. 93
13347 Berlin
U See­str. U6, Trams M13, 50, Bus 106
Ope­ning hours:
Mon­day to Sunday, mid­day to 11 p.m.

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  1. Orde­red a bur­ger with fries. wai­ted for 20 minu­tes, guy says my fries are rea­dy. I tell him i want them with my bur­ger. In a rude way he respon­ded: “you bet­ter eat them now or they get could.”
    So I ate all of the fries and had to wait ano­t­her 5 minu­tes for the hamburger.
    Very bad ser­vice, which I could have over­loo­ked if the employees had admit­ted that they had done some­thing wrong. Ins­tead, unfriend­ly treatment.
    French fries tas­ted boring.
    Never again!

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