Naveena Path – authentic Indian and Tamil food

31. Oktober 2012

Names and owners might have changed several times, but one person always stayed: The chef, and he turns this little restaurant into a secret tip especially for vegans and vegetarians!

Naveena Path in der Tegeler Straße (Bild: litt­le shop in Tege­ler Stra­ße is kept simp­le, you nor­mal­ly don’t have trou­ble fin­ding a seat and there’s not­hing that would real­ly bring you to turn this place into your second home – until you try the food.

The ‘Navee­na Path’ offers Indi­an and Tamil food for meat-eaters, vegans and vege­ta­ri­ans and is well equip­ped to cater for non-Ger­man spea­k­ers. The chef has main­ly spe­cia­li­zed on vegan and vege­ta­ri­an dis­hes, and you belie­ve him when he says – repea­ted­ly – that the­se dis­hes are his pas­si­on. The ingre­di­ents are fresh, spi­cy­ness is vary­ing, and you won’t lea­ve ‘Navee­na Path’ hun­gry, for sure.

The pri­ces are ‘hig­her Wed­ding’, mea­ning abso­lut­e­ly fair. In sum­mer, you can also enjoy your meal on a tiny ter­race outside.

Tip: Try the sour-spi­cy len­til soup!!

Navee­na Path: Tege­ler Stra­ße 22, 13353 Ber­lin, open dai­ly from 11:30 a.m.

Trans­la­ti­on: Danie­la Hom­bach, Der schö­ne Wedding

Artic­le in German

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