„Na servas!“ Strudel Dreams in Sprengelkiez

strudelkaIf they want an Apfelschorle, they order an “Apfelsaft gspritzt” (“sprayed apple juice”) – Berliners are often confused by Austrians. In one regard, they speak the same language, though: Whenever it relates to food. Austrian food tastes like ski holidays, cosiness… and a digestive Schnaps.

The perfect example of Austrian delicacies is Strudel, the famous sweet or savoury pastry. “Strudelka” offers exactly that: Rita Plessing, the owner of the new café at Sparrplatz, is from Austria (to be more exact, from Styria) and also a proud Weddingerin since 2010. Together with her brother Ezra, she bakes up to four different types of Strudels per day – and you can taste all the patience and love that goes into the food. The dough used for the Strudels has to be rolled out until it is almost see-through and is then filled with strawberries or quark or red cabbage or minced meat.

Vienna Coffee

The café in Sparrstraße combines the typical Berlin mix of second hand furniture and bare ceilings with a classical Vienna coffee shop. Oh, the coffee – ‘Kleiner Brauner’ (‘little brown’), Melange and Verlängerter leave no space for over-priced, artificially flavoured products by American coffe shop chains. The name ‘Strudelka’ originates from the famous café ‘Hawelka’, a Vienna institution.
Admitted: You won’t find the typical Vienna audience. But last weekend, the owner’s parents arrived from Styria to finish off the café. While Rita’s mum was sewing the curtains, her Dad planted the salvia he brought from Austria. Strudelka is a family-owned business – and you can taste that.

Caution: The author is from Styria, too – maybe she is a bit biased when it comes to Strudels…

Translation: Daniela Hombach


Sparrstr. 19

13353 Berlin

Wed-Fri: 12- 7 PM (or longer)

Sat/Sun.: 11 – 7 PM (or longer)

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