MORITZ: The bar the Kiez has been waiting for

Moritz Bar von außenAt some spots you can see the bare walls, bare light bulbs are dang­ling from the cei­ling, a dis­co ball is hiding right abo­ve the door. A bar which makes you curious – such a like­ab­le ‘den of thie­ves’ has been mis­sing in the Kiez, as Adolf­str. was not par­ti­cu­lar­ly renow­ned for its bars befo­re now.

Welcome to the neighbourhood

Moritzbar AdolfstraßeThe MORITZ ope­ned just recent­ly, and more and more neigh­bours are che­cking out the long litt­le stret­ched-out bar: “We’­ve been wai­t­ing for this for qui­te a while”, say many visi­tors who have alrea­dy been clai­med as regu­lars by the bar owners. The rea­son for this instant fami­lia­ri­ty might be that the bar is run by two bro­thers. Lukas, 27 years old, stu­di­ed hos­pi­ta­li­ty and wants to have the bar estab­lis­hed as a long-term pro­ject. “I wan­ted to run this place pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, and I know how to work sus­tainab­ly in hos­pi­ta­li­ty.” His 22-year old bro­ther Kili­an adds: “As a stu­dent, you’­re open for a pro­ject like this. When, if not now?”

The two Würz­burg-born entre­pre­neurs chan­ged the place from a colour­ful place equip­ped with loads of mari­ti­me kitsch to a dim, mini­ma­listic bar. Not­hing reminds of the for­mer ’socie­ty club’, a hub for drug busi­ness. The con­cept of the litt­le bar works right from the start. The stu­dents living in Anton­kiez don’t have to lea­ve the quar­ter any­mo­re to go out. The ambi­tious cof­fee menu (‘con leche’) seems to come from a dif­fe­rent pla­net, however.

Not only the ‘Tatort’ from Austria

Moritz Bar TresenLukas and Kili­an want to crea­te con­ti­nui­ty with two event seri­es: Wed­nes­days from 6 to 8 pm, the MORITZ gets an Aus­tri­an touch thanks to ‘Mit­zis Ein­kehr’: The wine mix from Aus­tria, cal­led ‘Sprit­zer’, is in the cent­re of atten­ti­on. The second regu­lar event – well estab­lis­hed in other bars alrea­dy – is the ‘Tat­ort’ night on Sundays from 8 pm, whe­re peop­le can bring their own snacks. ‘Tat­ort’ is a Ger­man lan­guage crime seri­es with a long tra­di­ti­on – more famous than ‘Rex’…

Who was Moritz?

Moritz is not just some arty name which can only be exp­lai­ned in an abs­tract man­ner, by the way. “He was a gui­nea pig from our child­hood”, both bro­thers say. “Moritz was our best friend,” they say. Not a bad mas­cot for a cosy bar…
(smoker’s bar, 18+)
Adolf­str. 17
13347 Berlin
Tue-Sun from 5 PM 

Trans­la­ti­on: Danie­la Hombach

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