Photographs: OSTKREUZ about the seven-year itch

At Uferhallen, the seventh year of the OSTKREUZSCHULE shows their graduation artwork


In the 19th century, the first horse-drawn tram was based here, later the BVG had their busses and trams waiting here – and now 25 graduates of the OSTKREUZSCHULE for photography exhibit their art in a collective exhibition at “Uferhallen” in Wedding.

After eighteen months of independent preparation for this big day, the three photography classes of Dr. Prof. Ute Mahler, Sibylle Fendt and Thomas Sandberg show their artwork in an exhibition titled SIEBEN, or seven.

The exhibition, however, is not focusing on the seven-year itch – the title just refers to the seventh year of graduates: the OSTKREUZSCHULE was founded seven years ago by Thomas Sandberg and Werner Mahler. 25 very individual view-points to very different subjects are being protraied at “Uferhallen” now, connected through the “absolute will to create images, to show what we see and how we see it”, according to the introduction in the exhibition catalog. The photographers “went on a personal journey” to catch what moves them. The results are professional black-and-white and colored photographs: Portraits, still lives, scenic shots and industrial photography which go in line with the OSTKREUZSCHULE’s expectations towards an “artistic dialog with reality, mediated by profiled and individual imaging”.

One reason for choosing “Uferhallen” for this exhibition (after years in Berlin-Mitte and Kreuzberg) were the increased rental costs in other areas of Berlin. As part of their education, the photographers have to fund and organize the exhibition on their own, therefore a comparably cheap space was needed. The optical charm and the location of “Uferhallen” in artsy Wedding were further incentives, though.

The exhibition is open until the 8th of November. During this time, SIEBEN can be visited Mon-Fri between 2 and 9 p.m., on weekends from midday until 9 p.m. The end of the exhibition will be celebrated with a lecture and a party on the 8th of November.

Afterwards, the photographs leave “Uferhallen” and the artists have to enter the artistic dialog with reality without the support of their Alma Mater. Who knows, maybe some day some of the photographers will return to “Uferhallen” with new exhibitions…
Author: Julia Grosse-Heitmeyer

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Translation: Daniela Hombach

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