Vegan brunch buffet at Naveena Path: A must, not only for vegans!

Of course there are already articles about Naveena Path on Weddingweiser. One innovation hadn’t made it yet, though: the vegan brunch buffet, Sundays from 11 a.m. 

Foto: L.Tilly
Foto: L.Tilly

Weddingers already know and love Naveena Path, and not only for its excellent food. Now, their new brunch buffet makes vegans and vegetarians cheer – andeveryone else too! For 8€, you can spoil yourself with delicious vegan Indian and Tamil food each Sunday from 11 am. Ten different curries, various salads, dips and breads line the table to fill stomachs and desires; even if you’re not vegan. Who wants to have plain chicken korma anyway if there’s a delicious creamy banana creation?
One thing is obvious: The chefs enjoy creating a range of interesting dishes that aren’t frequently ordered, or that often can’t be found on the menu at all. Bright green pumpkin curry? Looks interesting, tastes yummy! Spicy eggplant? Delicious! Have a chai tea (vegan, if you want) with it and end up in heaven…
By the way: Naveena Path is by no means a Wedding secret anymore, so it is no surprise that the brunch attracts a lot of non-Weddingers, too. On Sundays, it can end up being quite packed – you might want to book a table in advance. Luckily, spring is coming soon and with it additional seats outside.
Vegan brunch buffet
Naveena Path
Tegeler Str. 22
sundays, 11:00 am until at least 2 pm, 8€

Author/translation: Daniela Hombach

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