“Repair-Café”: Don’t just throw old stuff out

Repair-Cafés are in. Wedding, too, wants to be a place where tinkerers help others to revive broken things. Everyone knows the problem: You don’t need it anymore, but it is still too good for the waste bin. Where should it go now?

This and other questions will be answered next Sunday, 26th of January, from 7 pm. Within the framework of ZukunftsWerkStadt Wedding, upcycling ideas and possibilities for raw material re-usage will be presented.
Jenny Weber, project leader at youncaritas, presents the sowing workshop “vergissmeinnnicht”, or “forgetmenot”. Kristina Kuličová presents Kunststoffe e.V. – an initiative for re-usable resources, and Thorsten Haas from panke.info answers all your questions around the “Müllkampagne Pankstraße”, an initiative against litter pollution.
The workshops will be followed by discussions around the creation of a “Repair-Café” in Wedding – a place for exchange and support, trying to fix broken things.
The event is part of this year’s Transmediale prelude, is organized by “Weddingwandler”, Wedding’s Transition Town Group, and supported by “Garbage Campaign Pankstraße”. It takes place at Panke Café, Gerichtstr. 23 and is free of charge.

Source: press release

26th of January
7 pm
4th courtyard
Gerichtstraße 23 
13347 Berlin-Wedding


Translation: Daniela Hombach

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