Soleil du Sud – Second Hand fashion for women

Soleil-du-Sud1Maybe you need the courage of a French woman to open a store for women’s fashion at Schwedenstraße. Roseline Russell opened ‚Soleil du Sud‘ in 2006, linking fashion from Paris and second hand style from Berlin.

Soleil-du-Sud3The traffic between Osloer Straße and Badstraße is loud along Schwedenstraße. There are three of those ubiquitous pokies casinos right next to each other, spreading like a colourful ulcer. One can find a kiosk, a bargain and sale store, Turkish bakeries and more empty buildings than in most parts of Wedding – you wouldn’t believe that there’s a fashion store out there, unless you’re standing right in front of it (or read about it on Weddingweiser).

Roseline Russel is sitting on a little pink bench in front of her store, talking about the bar that existed at No. 15b before. From the outside, it is still clearly visible that the building once hosted a pub. After it shut down, the store was empty for quite a while. Rosaline, who lived in the same building and was looking for work at that time, decided to open her own boutique right there in November 2006.
At the beginning, she only sold second hand fashion, bought by a friend in Paris and sent to Schwedenstraße. Now, Roseline is selling brand new clothes and jewellery from France, but a large part of what she offers consists of second hand fashion from Berliners: You can bring your clothes to the store, Roseline will sell them on commission, sharing the earnings 50:50.
The interior of the shop looks like a ménage-à-trois between a lounge room, a private jewellery collection and a walk-in wardrobe. The colours on the walls create an aestival-mediterranean atmosphere. Necklaces, earrings and other jewellery are spread on old furniture, in between there are mannequins wearing light dresses, shirts and jackets. A couch and a chair invite the visitor to sit down. Sans aucun doute, it is cosy in here. If you want to search for an original spring outfit in a relaxed atmosphere, ‚Soleil du Sud‘ is the right place for you.

Soleil-du-Sud2Soleil du Sud
Schwedenstraße 15b, 13357 Berlin (close to U Osloer Straße)

Translation: Daniela Hombach

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